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Heat should keep Beasley

Posted by willmanso on February 17, 2010

I’m going to sound like a broken record, and I could look back on the title of this post one day and think I was crazy.  That said, I still believe the Heat should not trade 2nd year forward Michael Beasley before Thursday’s trade deadline.  It’s not that I’m sold Beasley will be a superstar one day, but I am convinced that Miami isn’t a true contender in the Eastern conference this season even with Amare Stoudemire.

Stoudemire, of course, is the Suns star in the center of trade talks.  He is available and Miami is interested.  It would likely take a package that includes Beasley for the Heat to get him.  Here’s the thing about Stoudemire:  I have concerns that he could just be a very good but not elite player.  He puts up impressive numbers in a high-powered offense in Phoenix.  Yet, his average of 21 points and 9 rebounds per game is not much different from Carlos Boozer. 

Boozer was interested in coming to Miami this offseason, but the interest didn’t seem mutual.  I believe Stoudemire is a perfect Western conference player.  I’m not so convinced he’s a true dominate center in the East.  Miami would gain an All-Star caliber player, but they’d also lose the unlimited potential of Beasley.   Make no doubt about it, Beasley has talent.   He’s also shown enough improvement this season to make me think he’ll only get better.  I asked Heat coach Erik Spoelstra about that earlier this week and he agreed with me.  He also said the team has faith Beasley can be a star in the future.

Of course, the deeper issue revolves around Dwyane Wade’s impending free agency.  By Pat Riley getting a player of Stoudemire’s caliber, it could convince Wade to stay and try to build around him and Amare for the future.  Still, I’d rather have Miami wait until the offseason and try to go after Chris Bosh, while still having Beasley on the roster.  That kind of trio can be a real contender.   I do think Bosh is a true “elite” player.  I know the Heat would have no guarantees that Bosh would end up signing here, but it’s worth the chance. 

Beasley could be the perfect 3rd option around two superstar players.  Trading him eliminates that potential and forces Miami to have to go after a veteran 3rd option in the offseason.  Maybe they’d find one and have a great 1-2-3 punch, but it won’t be easy.   To me, getting Stoudemire and getting rid of Beasley before Thursday’s deadline reeks of desperation.  Desperation to show D-Wade he needs to stay, and desperation to somehow salvage a 2009 season that is going nowhere.  

Riley needs to fight the urge and just wait until the offseason.   He needs to have faith Wade really wants to stay and that one of the elite free agents would love to pair with him to build a championship contender.  I like that option better long-term, than making a rash decision now.


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