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Checking in from Philly…

Posted by willmanso on April 21, 2011

Hello from the land of our founding fathers and great cheesesteaks. While we’re still in the process of giving the blog a new look, but I just wanted to check in from Philadelphia. I’m sitting court side at the Wells Fargo center, the home of the Sixers. I get the feeling, though, the Heat will be feeling right at home in a few hours. I’ll be here over the next 4 days covering Miami’s trip to Philly.  Meantime, enjoy the game. Chances are it won’t be as good as the Philly Cheesesteak I had for lunch!


One Response to “Checking in from Philly…”

  1. Ernie Wilson, Sr. said

    Hey Will,

    FYI: This is what I emailed to family and friends:

    The HEAT did a great job on Sunday afternoon, and won… Yea !!

    KEEP ON GOING HEAT !! Three more wins to go, starting Tuesday !!

    The only thing that I am aggravated about, and am still aggravated about, is the TV sports announcer. (Will?)

    One time during the game when Wade was trying to retrieve the ball he was running to catch it, and when he got out of bounds he Leaped into the fans…. He announced some fans dodged Wade, and why didn’t the fans catch him, he is the franchise player ??? They should have caught him to keep him from being injured. Hello!! I bet Will would have gotten out of the way, also !!

    Excuse Me !! Wade is a pro and is about 6′-4″ and a solid 240 lbs and when he leaped into them he became a fast Missile !!
    If they stayed in their chairs and tried to catch them, they could have broken their necks or backs, etc, or worse !!

    I hope the management found those fans and made sure they were ok, and took care of them !! (& appologize to fans.)

    I would even bet that a couple of the players would have gotten out of the way.

    take care, (me, to)

    ernie wilson, sr.

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