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Lebron’s “Redemption Song”

Posted by willmanso on May 12, 2011

It was fitting that on the day after the 30 year anniversary of Bob Marley’s death, Lebron James would finally find his redemption against the Boston Celtics.  Redemption can mean so many things to so many different people, but to the Heat’s new star, it was all about beating the Celtics.

It was exactly one year ago, while playing for Cleveland, that James nightmare started.  He was knocked out of the playoffs in 5 games by Boston.  Fans and media started calling him a quitter, and this was even BEFORE his infamous decision show.  Now, here he was, leading his new team against Boston in a final 5th game of a series.  This time, though, it was Lebron doing the winning.  He put his stamp on the series by scoring the final 10 points of the game after it was tied at 87.  In the process, he exorcised what Heat coached Erik Spoelstra called “a lot of demons against this team.”  

It’s only one series and Miami is still only half way to it’s goal, but for Lebron James it’s a big step.  Most importantly, a step forward, and for once, a chance to truly forget the past.


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